How to Maintain Your jug


Follow the demonstration video below for guidance on how to disassemble your jug for cleaning.


-Wash your jug before you use it for the first time

-Our jugs are dishwasher safeYou may also handwash with warm soapy water

-Remove O-rings for a deeper clean of the lid kit



-When reinserting the O-rings, start at one end and run your fingers around the lid in opposite directions.

-To create the perfect seal, line the straw top with the center knots or nodules of the jug (see video).

-Make sure to remove the O-rings when washing to prevent any buildup that could be affecting the seal.

-If you have broken your lid during normal use, you can purchase a replacement lid kit under the shop tab.

Damaged Jug:

If you’ve tried this and your lid is still leaking, or your lid is cracked or damaged, please contact us at with pictures of your lid.